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Note: this summary in English is published here for the convenience of our non-Spanish-speaking professors and students. Nevertheless, always refer to the terms and conditions (términos de referencia) of this call in the Spanish language

Convocatoria Nacional para el Apoyo a la Movilidad Internacional de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia 2019-2021

Who can apply?

  • Professors (belonging to the staff, planta in Spanish) at Universidad Nacional de Colombia developing research and creation activities, as established by Acuerdo 123 de 2013, Superior University Council.
  • Ph. D., Master's or undergraduate students, of any area, and students of health specialties (especialidades) at Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
  • Researchers and artists permanently living abroad.

Types of support (Modalidades)

  • Type 1: co-funding for researchers and artists living permanently abroad to visit Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
  • Type 2: cofinanciación de researcher- or creator-professors at Universidad Nacional de Colombia to present research results or artistic representations at international events, or to support research stays or artist-in-residence programmes abroad.
  • Type 3: co-funding for undergraduate and postgraduate students in any area or students of health specialties (especialidades) at Universidad Nacional de Colombia, to present research results or artist-in-residence programmes at international events.
  • Type 4: co-funding for Master's or Ph. D. students in any area, or students of health specialties (especialidades) at Universidad Nacional de Colombia, to support research internships (pasantías) or artist-in-residence programmes abroad.

Información financiera

La Vicerrectoría de Investigación de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia aportará hasta $ 4 000 000 000, provenientes del Fondo de Investigación del Nivel Nacional, que se han distribuido entre las sedes de la Universidad de la siguiente manera:

  • Sede Bogotá: $ 2 320 000 000
  • Sede Medellín: $ 760 000 000
  • Sede Manizales:$ 320 000 000
  • Sede Palmira: $ 200 000 000
  • Sedes Amazonia y Caribe: $ 120 000 000 para cada una
  • Sedes Orinoquia y Tumaco: $ 80 000 000 para cada una

Las sedes andinas (Bogotá, Medellín, Manizales y Palmira), en conjunto con sus respectivas facultades, deberán aportar en el transcurso del trienio como mínimo $ 2 666 000 000 en la misma proporción a lo asignado por la Vicerrectoría de Investigación para cada una de las sedes.

Las sedes de presencia nacional y los institutos interfacultades aportarán recursos solo en caso de contar con disponibilidad presupuestal.

The Research Vice-Rectory of Universidad Nacional de Colombia has allocated up to COP 4,000,000,000, from the National Level Research Fund, distributed among the UNAL campuses as follows:

  • Bogotá Campus: COP 2,320,000,000
  • Medellín Campus: COP 760,000,000
  • Manizales Campus: COP 320,000,000
  • Palmira Campus: COP 200,000,000
  • Amazon and Caribbean Campuses: COP 120,000,000 each
  • Orinoquia and Tumaco Campuses: COP 80,000,000 each

Andean campuses (Bogotá, Medellín, Manizales and Palmira), along with their faculties, shall provide during the 2019-2021 period at least COP 2,666,000,000 in the same proportion to the funding allocated to each campus by the Research Vice-Rectory.

The National Presence campuses (Amazon, Caribbean, Orinoquia, Tumaco) and the inter-faculty institutes will provide funding only in case of budgetary availability.


The Universidad Nacional de Colombia's International Mobility Call 2019-2021 (Convocatoria para la Movilidad Internacional de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia 2019-2021) opens from 23 August 2019permanently until the allocated funds are exhausted. In any case, it will close no later than 30 October 2021.

The timeline for this call may be modified according to institutional needs and budget availability.

Further information

If you have any questions or need clarifications about the terms and conditions of this call, please dial  (+571)3165000 and the following extensions (Spanish is preferred):

  • National Direction for Research and Laboratories: extensions 20011 y 20061
  • Research and Extension Direction, Bogotá Campus: extensions 18412, 18414 y 18370
  • Research and Extension Direction, Medellín Campus: extension 49535
  • Research and Extension Direction, Manizales Campus: extension 50183
  • Research and Extension Direction, Palmira Campus: extension 35442
  • Research Coordination Office, Amazon Campus: extension 29808
  • Research Coordination Office, Caribbean Campus: extension 29686
  • Research Coordination Office, Orinoquia Campus: extension 29723
  • Tumaco Campus: extension 10593

For inquiries about the application form at Hermes Information System, please send a message to or call (+571)3165000 extension 11111, option 1.

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