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10th International Meeting on Photodynamics and Related Aspects (IMPRA 2018)

Deadline for abstract submission: 3 August 2018.

The Photodynamics conference started in the year 2000 in La Habana (Cuba) and has been held every two years. The three previous editions were organized in Maresias, Brazil (2012), Oaxaca, Mexico (2014) and Mendoza, Argentina (2016). As in previous editions, there will be sessions on:

  • Photodynamics in gas phase and clusters: spectra, energy transfer and reactions
  • Ultrafast processes
  • Photodynamics in condensed phases: spectra, energy transfer and reactions
  • Ultracold collisions
  • Photodynamics in nano and biological systems
  • Related aspects for the simulation and interpretation of photodynamics phenomena

Deadline for abstract submissions: 3 August 2018 (see Registration)

Date of the event: 3-7 September 2018

Venue: Hotel Las Américas, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia (see map)

More information:, website of the event

This event is organised by Universidad Nacional de Colombia and Universidad de Antioquia

[Boletín SIUN 396, 21 de junio de 2018]

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