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2020 PEARL Call for proposals for leading researchers from abroad to Luxembourg

Deadline for pre-proposals: 16 October 2019


With the PEARL programme, the FNR offers Luxembourg research institutions attractive funding to enable them to draw three renowned scientists to Luxembourg. PEARL candidates should be leaders in the field, innovative, creative and possess an outstanding track record that will strengthen Luxembourg’s position in the international world of R&D.

PEARL projects have a financial contribution of between €3-4millions by the Fonds National de la Recherche Luxembourg (FNR). The financial contribution can be used flexibly to implement the research programme at the host institution.

PEARL projects have a lifespan of five years.

Proposals must be submitted jointly by the candidate and the host institution, but PEARL also allows for the submission of a proposal where the candidate is still to be recruited. This is reserved for particularly strategic positions within a host institution (e.g. Head of Department) only.

Deadline for pre-proposals: 15 October 2019, 14:00 Central European Time (07:00 Colombian time)

(Vía Euraxess América Latina y del Caribe)

[Boletín SIUN 456, 26/27 de septiembre de 2019]

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