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Collaborative Awards in Humanities and Social Science (Wellcome Trust)

Preliminary application deadline: 9 January 2019.


You can apply for this award if you want to tackle an important and original health-related question that requires the combined knowledge and expertise of a team of researchers.

The number of researchers in your team can range from two to six and should be appropriate to your proposed research.

Everyone in the team should have:

  • a good track record in their field relative to their career stage
  • a PhD or equivalent.

Team members can come from the same or different disciplines. They can work in the same organisation (including the same department) or in different organisations around the world.

The lead applicant, must have a permanent, open-ended or long-term rolling contract, or the guarantee of one.

Your proposed approach must have the potential to make a significant, measurable difference to health research in the humanities and social sciences, it will be reviewed:

  • the importance and originality of the research question(s) to your field(s)
  • the necessity of this collaboration to answer these research questions
  • the feasibility of the proposal
  • the track records of all team members, relative to their career stage
  • evidence that the team has the relevant expertise for the proposed research and will work together well, eg you’ve collaborated with each other before, or been involved in similar teams
  • the time you and your team members will spend on the Collaborative Award, and how it fits in with other academic commitments
  • the suitability of the environments in which you and your team members do the research.


[Boletín SIUN 413, 25/26 de octubre de 2018]

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