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First International Congress Of Science, Technology and Innovation of the Americas

«Empowering Latin America: Research with a Purpose»


To celebrate the commencement of education and research collaborations among Arizona State University (ASU), Universidad Nacional de Colombia and Universidad Yachay Tech, we are hosting an inaugural research congress in Bogotá, Colombia, May 18 - 19, 2017, to highlight some initial areas of collaboration among the universities.

The Congress will consist of panel discussions and plenary speakers from the universities and other stakeholders in Colombia and Ecuador who are engaged in finding solutions to these challenges:

  • Engaging Latin American students in research and empowering them to address regional challenges
  • Innovative student-research platforms and mechanisms
  • Open and citizen science
  • Managing natural resources and ecosystems in South America
  • Solutions for post-conflict areas of Colombia
  • Public health and tropical diseases

There is no registration fee, but advanced registration for the Congress is required at

Deadline for registration: 12 May 2017

Date: 18-19 May 2017

Venue: Hemeroteca Nacional Universitaria, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá campus (Avenida Eldorado 44A-40, see map), Bogotá, D. C., Colombia

More information: Coordinación de ICSTI, phone (+571)3165000 extension 11307,

[Boletín UN Investiga 342, 27 de abril de 2017]

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