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Global Genome Biodiversity Network-Global Genome Initiative (GGBN-GGI) Awards Program 2020

Deadline: 24 April 2020

The Global Genome Biodiversity Network-Global Genome Initiative (GGBN-GGI) Awards Program provides funding for projects that support the discoverability of new genetic collections through the Global Genome Biodiversity Network's Data Portal. The proposal review committee will consider requests for up to 30,000 USD with clearly articulated budget justifications.

Any institution with non-human genetic resources, to include both current and prospective members, who are pursuing or have achieved GGBN core membership are eligible to apply. Institutions with successful proposals who have not yet joined GGBN must - as a minimum - become an associate GGBN member by signing the GGBN MOU prior to the awarding of funds and become a core GGBN member upon project completion (Universidad Nacional de Colombia is not, as of early 2020, a GGBN member).

Budget requests will exclusively support the addition and publication of new genetic sample records on the GGBN Data Portal, e.g. contractual labor for short-term staff for processing and/or databasing genetic specimens, informatics support for preparing institutional databases for online discoverability, new servers required for online discoverability, and/or travel costs for visiting experts to facilitate sample processing and online discoverability. Proposed projects must support the discoverability of new collections through the GGBN Data Portal and support the goals of GGBN and GGI, including:

  • increasing the visibility and discoverability of genetic samples (e.g. tissues and DNAs) through public release on GGBN data portal
  • increasing the taxonomic (families, genera, species) representation of genetic samples through the GGBN Data Portal. Applicants should make use of the Gap Analysis Calculator when developing their proposals for funding in order to identify to what extent existing collections reflect familial or generic gaps in GGBN (see:

Deadline: 24 April 2020

[Boletín SIUN 471, 30 de enero de 2020]

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