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Global Infectious Disease Research Training Program (D43) (National Institutes of Health, USA)

Next deadline: 26 July 2018

This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) encourages applications for the Global Infectious Disease (GID) Research Training Program from U.S. and low- and middle-income country (LMIC) institutions. The application should propose a collaborative training program that will strengthen the capacity of an LMIC institution to conduct infectious disease research. FIC will support research-training programs that focus on major endemic or life-threatening emerging infectious diseases, neglected tropical diseases, infections that frequently occur as co-infections in HIV infected individuals or infections associated with non-communicable disease conditions of public health importance in LMICs.  

Another funding opportunity PAR-17-058, Planning Grant for Global Infectious Disease Research Training Program (D71) provides one year of support for eligible LMIC applicants to develop full research training program applications for this funding opportunity. 

This program does not support HIV/AIDS research training.  Applicants interested in HIV research training should apply to the Fogarty HIV Research Training Program funding opportunities.

Applications budgets are limited to $230,000 per year for new awards and $276,000 per year for renewal awards (total direct costs).

The maximum project period is up to 5 years. 

Non-domestic (non-U.S.) Entities (Foreign Institutions) are eligible to apply.

The applicant institution must have a strong and high quality research program in the area(s) proposed under the FOA and must have the requisite faculty, staff, potential trainees and facilities to conduct the proposed institutional program. In many cases, it is anticipated that a substantial number of program faculty will have active research projects in which participating trainees may gain relevant experiences consistent with their research interests and goals.

Applications may be submitted by an eligible foreign institution in a LMIC with a collaborating U.S. institution or by an eligible domestic (U.S.) institution that demonstrates collaborations with an LMIC institution named in the application by documented joint publications, grants or previous research training activities.  Applicants are encouraged to contact the FIC Scientific/Research Contact if more than one U.S. and one LMIC institution will be proposed as training sites.

LMICs are defined by the World Bank classification system (according to Gross National Income (GNI) per capita as “low-income,” “lower-middle-income,” and “upper-middle-income”; Colombia is included as “upper-middle-income”).

Next application due date: 26 July 2018 by 17:00 local time of applicant organization

[Boletín SIUN 393, 31 de mayo de 2018]

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