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Grant application: Improving Ocean Health through Sailing, Innovation and Stewardship (11th Hour Racing)

Next deadline: 1 September 2018

11th Hour Racing seeks to advance innovative projects that improve the health of our oceans and address the dynamic environmental challenges facing the sailing and marine communities. Proposals that align with 11th Hour Racing's program strategy to advance one or more of 11th Hour Racing program's focus areas are wanted:


  1. Support and promote solutions that reduce ocean pollution;
  2. Advance clean technologies and best practices that reduce the environmental impact of the sailing industry and maritime communities; and
  3. Educate and foster ocean stewardship amongst sailing and coastal communities.

Examples of potential projects include but are not limited to:

  • Reducing Ocean Pollution
  • Advancing Clean Technologies & Best Practices
  • Ocean Stewardship

11th Hour Racing will prioritize projects led by 501c3 organizations but other types of entities may apply as long as the proposed project addresses one or more of 11th Hour Racing’s strategic goals outlined above. 11th Hour Racing awards grants in the U.S. and globally, therefore international organizations are welcome to apply. Projects seeking funding for political advocacy, lobbying, litigation, fundraising, or legally mandated mitigation projects are not eligible.

Current grants are 1 year in length. Typical grant awards range from $10,000- $100,000, with an average grant size being $25,000.

Next deadline: 1 September 2018

[Boletín SIUN 404, 23/24 de agosto de 2018]

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