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Industry Academia Partnership Programme - Colombia (Royal Academy of Engineering and Newton Fund)

Deadline: 12 December 2018

Royal Academy of Engineering and Newton Fund

This call offers financial support for travel, subsistence and salary support costs related to visits and exchanges that support collaborative activities amongst industry and academic partners in Colombia and the UK.

Under this call proposals that fit with one or more of the Industry Academia Partnership Programme (IAPP)’s identified outcome areas will be supported:

  1. Enhanced industry input into engineering curricula and teaching in Colombian universities to improve the quality and uptake of practical engineering skills and help develop a talent pipeline for emerging and/or currently skill-scarce industries
  2. Develop new partnerships and strengthen bilateral collaboration in engineering research and knowledge-sharing between industry and academia counterparts to develop new capabilities within Colombian universities
  3. Formation of deep, strategic bilateral partnerships between industry and academia around application-inspired engineering research and innovation which aims to solve economic and social development challenges faced by Colombia or globally
  4. Improved industry-academia interface to help systemically foster deeper engagement amongst actors in the innovation eco-systems of both countries and create different models of industry-academic engagement for wider sharing and adoption

The lead applicant will be an individual at a Colombian university which must propose a means of collaboration with co-applicants that meet the Programme outcome areas. Co-applicants must include at least one local industry partner and at least one UK university or research institution partner. Additional partners are not obliged but are encouraged, especially the involvement of UK industry partners. Industry partners are defined broadly and may be institutions of any size within private, public or NGO sectors.

Applications which are either led by, or involve as co-applicants, Universities from the Colombian Caribbean coastal region are particularly encouraged.

Applications aligned to Government of Colombia Missions and Strategies related to economic development, environmental sustainability and education areas are particularly encouraged.

This call offers grants of up to £50,000 to support travel, subsistence and salary support costs related to conducting collaborative activities amongst industry and academic partners in Partner Countries and the UK. The grant value requested must be at least 50% matched in funding or in-kind resources by the applying consortia. Additional matched funding above 50% will be viewed positively, being further evidence of the value placed on the collaboration and its potential for impact.

Deadline: 12 December 2018, before 12:00 GMT (07:00 Colombian time)


[Boletín SIUN 414, 1/2 de noviembre de 2018]

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