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MD-PhD position in epigenetics at Institut Curie

Send your application as soon as possible.

 Institut Curie

The candidate will join the Institut Curie, which combines a Research Centre and a Hospital Group into a world-class, comprehensive cancer center for multidisciplinary international research and cutting-edge cancer medicine. The hospital is the largest cancer center in France recruiting 10,000 new patients per year. The Research Center comprises 88 research groups and collaborators from more than 80 nationalities.

Institut Curie proposes state-of-the-art facilities both in clinics (examples: early phase clinical trials, molecular tumor board, proton therapy, etc) and in the research center (examples: NGS, single cell platform, patient derived xenografts, etc) to allow top level bench-to-bedside-to-bench research, in a collaborative environment situated in the heart of Paris.

The Medico-Scientific Program (MSPg) is a major priority of the Institut Curie strategic plan aiming to promote translational, clinical research and human/social sciences at Institut Curie. Epigenetics is one of the ten domains that have obtained a “MSPg priority label”. Institut Curie is a world leader in epigenetics research, with excellent senior and junior teams. We have the ambition to build upon this expertise implementing epigenetics in clinical oncology.

To promote the epigenetics domain of MSPg, Institut Curie is recruiting an MD-PhD to endorse the role of clinical coordinator of the epigenetics domain, who will share his/her time between clinical activities (20-50%) and research activities (50-80%). In collaboration with the scientific coordinator of the epigenetics MSPg, Dr. Geneviève Almouzni.

The successful candidate must hold an MD in medical oncology and a PhD degree in biology or pharmacology. He/she should have a solid background in both medicine and biology, with productive research publications in outstanding journals. Experience in epigenetics, translational research and early phase clinical trials will be highly appreciated.

He/she is expected to put forward ideas that are strategic, forward-looking and innovative, to lead a team in cutting-edge translational research, to be proactive in establishing collaborations with academic and pharmaceutical laboratories and to have excellent interpersonal communication, presentation and writing skills. English required. For the clinical part, the candidate should be willing to learn French.

To apply, please send a personal statement explaining why you are interested in this position, a 1-2 page research plan, a full CV detailing your career, achievements, awards and teaching experience, as well as contact details of 3-5 individuals who can be contacted for recommendation letters, to

(Institut Curie)

[Boletín SIUN 435, 2/3 de mayo de 2019]

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