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Research Grants on Education: SMALL (Fundación Spencer)

Deadline: 3 November 2020

Para más información sobre esta convocatoria, por favor, contacte a la Dirección de Investigación y Extensión (o la instancia que haga sus veces) en su respectiva sede.

The Small Research Grants on Education Program supports education research projects that will contribute to the improvement of education, broadly conceived, with budgets up to $50,000 for projects ranging from one to five years. Eligible investigators may also request additional supplemental funds for a course release. The Spencer Foundation accepts applications three times per year.

This program is “field-initiated” in that proposal submissions are not in response to a specific request for a particular research topic, discipline, design, or method. The Foundation's goal for this program is to support rigorous, intellectually ambitious and technically sound research that is relevant to the most pressing questions and compelling opportunities in education. The Foundation seeks to support scholarship that develops new foundational knowledge that may have a lasting impact on educational discourse.

Proposals to the Research Grants on Education program must be for academic research projects that aim to study education. Proposals for activities other than research are not eligible (e.g., program evaluations, professional development, curriculum development, scholarships, capital projects). Additionally, proposals for research studies focused on areas other than education, are not eligible.

Principal Investigators (PIs) and Co-PIs applying for a Small Research Grant on Education must have an earned doctorate in an academic discipline or professional field, or appropriate experience in an education research-related profession. While graduate students may be part of the research team, they may not be named the PI or Co-PI on the proposal.

Projects proposed may not be longer than 5 years in duration. Besides, PIs and Co-PIs may not submit more than one application for a given deadline in this program.

Next deadline: 3 November 2020, 12:00 Central Time (13:00 Colombian time)


[Boletín SIUN 504, 17 de septiembre de 2020]

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