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Simplified Approval Process Pilot Scheme (SAP) - Green Climate Fund

This call is permanently open.

Green Climate Fund

Green Climate Fund's Simplified Approval Process Pilot Scheme (SAP) can support a number of activities. A few examples are:

  • Early warning and other monitoring systems
  • Household-level facilities such as rainwater harvesting and small-scale renewable energy
  • Small-scale rural and urban community-based projects such as village water supply and drainage, and climate resilient agriculture.

Projects or programmes that include known risk factors, which would require additional information and more detailed due diligence and consultations by relevant entities, are not eligible. Examples of activities with inherent risk factors are those causing the displacement of people or affecting indigenous people, as well as those occurring in protected areas and cultural heritage sites, or that generate waste, affect people’s health, or involve trans-boundary impacts.

Accredited Entities, National Designated Authorities (NDAs) or Focal Points (the Colombian NDA is Departamento Nacional de Planeación) and their partners are invited to bring Green Climate Fund (GCF) concept notes under the SAP.

Projects or programmes are eligible for the SAP if they meet three main eligibility criteria:

  1. Ready for scaling up and having the potential for transformation, promoting a paradigm shift to lowemission and climate-resilient development;
  2. A request for financing to the GCF of up to USD 10 million of the total project budget; and
  3. The environmental and social risks and impacts are classified as minimal to none

GCF is particularly encouraging Direct Access Entities and NDAs to take advantage of this opportunity. GCF also encourages partners to coordinate with NDAs and Accredited Entities in submitting concept notes, or to contact GCF for more information.

Please submit Concept Notes and Funding Proposals for the SAP to

[Boletín SIUN 409, 27/28 de septiembre de 2018]

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