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Call for Applications for Junior Research Stays 2021, Transnational Centre for Just Transitions in Energy, Climate and Sustainability (TRAJECTS)

Deadline: 27 August 2021


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[Convocatoria DRE 2021-0312] The Transnational Centre for Just Transitions in Energy, Climate and Sustainability (TRAJECTS) opens its Call for Applications for Junior Research Stays 2021.

TRAJECTS is a DAAD-funded project that seeks to create and/or strengthen research and teaching capacities on Just Transitions in Energy, Climate and Sustainability, especially in the Global South. Within this framework, Junior Research Stays (JRS) aim to support short research stays and/or internships (2-4 months) for young researchers from, within and/or to the Global South.

TRAJECTS constitutes of three main regional hubs based in Colombia, South-Africa, and Germany:

  • The Instituto de Estudios Ambientales (IDEA) at Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UNAL): Main hub in charge of coordinating activities in LATAM, as well as academic/logistic exchange and cooperation between hubs.
  • The Energy Systems Research Group (ESRG) at University of Cape Town (UCT): African regional junior hub in charge of coordinating activities in Africa.
  • The Workgroup for Infrastructure Policy (WIP) at the Technische Universität Berlin (TUB): European hub handling communication with DAAD, as well as academic/logistic coordination between hubs.

Aside from the above mentioned regional hubs, Universidad del Magdalena (UMS), Humboldt Universität Berlin (HUB), the Freie Universität Berlin (FUB) and the Europa Flensburg University (EUF) provide additional support as implementing partners. Along with the aforementioned partners, TRAJECTS is supported by a large global network, with over 40 institutions (and growing) in civil society, academia, think-tanks, public administration, and business.

Supported individuals are expected to come from one TRAJECTS’ institution (e.g. a university in Colombia such as UNAL) to intern and/or research at another TRAJECTS institution (e.g. an NGO such as AIDA). With this, the Centre intends to encourage extra-academic, interdisciplinary and international exchange.

Funding is provided in two different modalities, depending on the type of applicant:

  • Scholarship: grantees affiliated to a university as postgraduate students, PhD candidates or researchers.Undergraduate students are not eligible.
  • Allowance: practitioners without direct affiliation to a university. Study degree/qualifications should be appropriate for the position, but no minimum-requirement is needed.

Both modalities include monthly allowances of 400,-EUR/month (daily allowance for incomplete months: 13,-EUR/day for day 1-22; full monthly allowance for incomplete months of minimum 23 days duration), both presential and virtual JRS are fundable; as well as travel costs (real costs; budget for up to 400,-EUR for national travel). International travel not supported in 2021 due to pandemic restrictions.

Scholarship winners will also be recognised as DAAD-scholarship holders with access to DAAD alumni-offers.

Either the sending institution of the applicant or the host institution must be members of the  TRAJECTS  network (UNAL is a member). In  special  circumstances,  and upon  approval  of  the  host institution and the Steering Committee, applicants who are not yet part of a TRAJECTS organization  could  be  considered.  Examples  of  this  exception  include  members  of organizations  that  have  expressed  their  interest  or  arein the process  of  joining  the TRAJECTS network (see annex 1 at the call document), among others to be considered on an individual basis. 

Scholarship-applicants must have a current affiliation to a TRAJECTS-university as postgraduate student / PhD candidate / researcher; undergraduate studies must be completed.

Deadline: 27 August 2021

Further information: website of the call; call at UNAL's DRE website; National Contact Point Colombia & TRAJECTS Latin American hub: Nataly Díaz at Universidad Nacional de Colombia,

[Boletín SIUN 547, 5 de agosto de 2021]

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