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Call for students for entrance examination for October 2020 admission to the Program in Economic and Public Policy at U. of Tsukuba

Deadline: 16 August 2019

Call for students for entrance examination for October 2020 admission to the Program in Economic and Public Policy at U. of Tsukuba

The Program is designed so that students with different backgrounds in education can master the cutting-edge knowledge of International Public Policy within the 18-months program. The program starts in October with introductory classes, and followed by them, the program starts to offer more advanced courses. Then, students can take a variety of applied courses and policy oriented courses. In addition to these classes, students are also required to attend weekly research workshops, where they present the progress of their research on their respective master theses.

PEPP General Track is an 18-months master’s program, taught in English. The program has a history of more than 20 years offering MA in Economics and MA in Public Policy. The U. of Tsukuba plans to implement an organizational restructuring of its graduate schools (scheduled in AY2020) in order to better respond to the needs of rapidly changing world today. As part of this reorganization, PEPP is expected to be placed in the new Master’s Program in International Public Policy, where international and Japanese students will acquire expertise in policy making and policy analysis particularly relevant for developing countries context, with the emphasis of economics as an analytical tool.

Students who successfully pass the oral examination of the master’s thesis and obtain 30 credits or more of mandatory courses offered in the program will be awarded a degree of Master of Arts in International Public Policy (planned).

Applicants who satisfy the following three conditions can apply to the program:  (i) have obtained a Bachelor degree (or expecting to receive a bachelor degree by the start of the program);  (ii) have the intellectual capacity to successfully complete the program;  and (iii) have English language ability required for a MA program.

Financing the Study at PEPP

There are three ways to finance your study at PEPP General Track.

  1. Self-finance
  2. MEXT (Japanese government Monbukagakusho) scholarship: Those who are already receiving the scholarship from Japanese government (MEXT scholarship) are eligible to apply. In addition, those who are now applying for the scholarship from the Japanese government and who have a certificate of the primary selection issued by the Japanese embassies (Embassy Recommendation) can apply to the program.
  3. Scholarship from other funding sources: Any applicants who have other scholarships are eligible to apply regardless of their nationality.

Before making your application, make a contact with the deputy director of the program. For this please email your research plan and transcript to: pepp-cepgt [at] (Please replace [at] with @.)) and gain the approval of him or her on your research plan. With approval of the deputy director, the Program will share the Application Form and other necessary documents with you.

All required documents should be set password and sent by email at pepp-cepgt [at] (Please replace [at] with [@].), and also original documents should be sent by regular mail (read the complete call for the address and other information).

Deadline: 16 August 2019, 23:59 Japan time (09:59 Colombian time)

(Embajada de Japón en Colombia)

[Boletín SIUN 444, 4/5 de julio de 2019]

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