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Crowdhelix launches open access match-making platform for COVID-19 researchers

Check out the Call for Expert Collaborators: COVID-19 Response


UK-based open innovation network Crowdhelix, in partnership with media company Science|Business, has launched a free online match-making service to help COVID-19 researchers find one another across the globe, check out funding opportunities, and get to work tackling the virus faster.

The service is a simple online tool for COVID-19 researcherswhatever their country or specialty – to connect. It is advised by Dr. Björn Kull, Head of Grants Office at Karolinska Institutet, the famed Stockholm medical university. It is also supported by leading Belgian university KU Leuven.

With the Crowdhelix service, researchers can click through to a special COVID-19 section of its custom-built Open Innovation platform. There, they can profile themselves, their teams, and their organisations, and post opportunities to collaborate. An intelligent recommender system then matches these opportunities with the most suitable prospective collaborators, using natural language processing and machine-learning.

At the same time, they can check up on funding opportunities announced around the world, and latest COVID-19 research news, compiled by Science|Business, a Brussels- and London-based media company specialised in international R&D policy and investment.

The COVID-19 service is one of several online “Helix” communities, linking academic, industrial and public researchers, in a wide range of scientific disciplines for the past seven years. The network currently connects researchers and innovators from over 450 organisations spanning 44 countries in disciplines from physics to medicine and beyond. The COVID-19 service is free, and is advised by the Karolinska and KU Leuven experts.

(Vía Euraxess América Latina y el Caribe)

[Boletín SIUN 482, 16 de abril de 2020]

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