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Doctoral positions in nanotechnology and nanoscience at Lund University, in Sweden (MSCA COFUND)

Deadline: 4 May 2020


NanoLund, the Center for Nanoscience at Lund University, in Sweden, engages 55 research groups in the faculties of engineering, science and medicine. With more than 130 PhD students and an annual turnover of 19 million €, NanoLund is Sweden’s largest research environment for nanoscience and nanotechnology.

NanoLund's aim is to use nanoscience and nanotechnology to address societal challenges, and it is its ambition to be a Great Place to do Nanoscience: to be an international, highly visible nanoscience center that offers exceptional scientific opportunities, training, and career development. NanoLund does this through a strong culture of openness and by offering access to a wide range of state-of-the-art capabilities within characterization, nanofabrication and modelling.

In this call, NanoLund offers up to 11 doctoral positions in three of NanoLund’s research areas, namely in Materials Science, Quantum Physics, and Nanobiology. The hosting research groups are located at the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Natural Sciences or the Faculty of Medicine at Lund University in Sweden. Applicants can apply for one or several of the projects in the call.

The open positions will be funded by a combination of grants and projects, including from the Swedish Research Council, the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, NanoLund, as well as the EU Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) Cofund project GenerationNano hosted by NanoLund.

All candidates will be engaged in frontline research in basic and/or applied sciences, and will receive training through courses in scientific as well as in transferable skills. NanoLund offers a highly collaborative research environment, as well as an international network of cooperation partners from industry, academy and public authorities. Depending on the funding source for each project, students may undertake obligatory or voluntary secondments in the non-academic sector or abroad.

The research topics of the 11 open PhD positions are described in detail in the call's website. You can apply to one or several of the topics. Evaluation is merit-based on the assessment criteria present in the call, thus, everyone who fulfils the admission requirements is encouraged to apply, from Sweden or anywhere in the world. Candidates who do not fulfil the MSCA mobility requirement relevant for GenerationNano can still be hired by other grants.

Deadline: 4 May 2020

(Euraxess América Latina y el Caribe)

[Boletín SIUN 481, 9 de abril de 2020]

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