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Doctoral Scholarships at Erfurt University, in Germany (focus on humanities, educational and social sciences)

Deadline: 30 September 2021

The University of Erfurt is a reform university with a strong profile in humanities, educational and social sciences. On a campus nearby the Old Town of Erfurt, junior researchers benefit from an innovative promotion, mentoring and an excellent research infrastructure.

The University of Erfurt awards up to 12 scholarships to doctoral students as part of its structured doctoral programme from 1 January 2022.

All scholarships will be awarded to candidates with excellent research projects. As a rule, doctoral candidates have to become members of a certified graduate centre or the Max-Weber-Kolleg relating to the “Erfurt Doctoral and Postdoctoral Programme” and participate in the graduate centre’s or Max-Weber-Kolleg’s coordinated doctoral programme. The scholarships can also be awarded for cooperative doctorates.

Scholarships are awarded for three years and can be extended for another year upon request. The advertised doctoral scholarships include a stipend of €1.400 per month with an extra family-allowance (€300 for one/the first child plus €150 for any further child).

To receive a doctoral scholarship, applicants have to produce above-average examination results that proof an excellent qualification for scientific work; be accepted as doctoral candidate by one of the University’s faculties or the Max-Weber-Kolleg by the beginning of the funding period; be matriculated at the University of Erfurt by the beginning of the funding period.

Deadline: 30 September 2021

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[Boletín SIUN 549, 19/20 de agosto de 2021]