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EDUFI Fellowship in Finland (for doctoral students or young researchers)

Rolling deadline. You should apply for the grant five months before the start of the fellowship.

The EDUFI Fellowship is intended, particularly, for providing initial funding to carry out research for a doctoral thesis in Finland.

Duration of fellowship: 3–12 months, visits 3–6 months

Size of grant: 1,500 euros/month (2019)

The fellowship grant is intended for post-graduate studies as well as research and teaching cooperation in Finnish universities in all fields of study.

The grant will be awarded:

  • for starting work on a doctoral research project if the whole doctoral thesis will be completed in a Finnish university. You cannot apply for the grant at the end of a research project or for post-doctoral research.
  • for completing a double degree in Finland.
  • for a study visit for post-graduate students working on a doctoral thesis in a university outside Finland, if there are particularly compelling reasons for the cooperation.
  • The fellow must work in Finland but is allowed to make conference visits abroad.

Deadline: you should apply for the grant five months before the start of the fellowship


[Boletín SIUN 512, 12/13 de octubre de 2020]

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