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ERC Synergy Grants - Up to €14 million for small teams of ground-breaking researchers

Deadline: 5 November 2019

The ERC Synergy Grants are designed to tackle truly bold scientific challenges by funding groups of up to 4 excellent Principal Investigators (PIs) who jointly address the frontier of knowledge with a ground-breaking research proposal. Any field of research is eligible.

Note that a Synergy Grant Group can include up to one Principal Investigator hosted or engaged in a third country, including in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico or in any other LAC country.

A group of 2 to maximum 4 Principal Investigators (PIs) of any nationality– of which one will be designated as the corresponding PI (cPI) – working together and bringing different skills and resources to tackle ambitious research problems may apply. No specific eligibility criteria regarding the academic training are foreseen for ERC Synergy Grants. PIs must present an early achievement track-record or a ten-year track-record, whichever is most appropriate.

Proposals will be evaluated on the sole criterion of scientific excellence which, in the case the ERC Synergy Grants, takes on the additional meaning of outstanding intrinsic synergetic effect.

Note that in the case of Synergy Grants, research must be conducted by all PIs in a public or private research organisation (known as a Host Institution, HI). It could be the HI where the applicant already works, or any other HI established in one of the EUMember States (see also eligibility of UK legal entities) or Associated Countries. Principal Investigators may be hosted by more than one Host Institution. Up to one host institution may be a legal entity established outside of the EU or Associated Countries or an international organisation, for example in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico or any other LAC country.

Synergy Grants can be up to a maximum of 10 million for a period of 6 years (pro rata for projects of shorter duration). However an addition of 4 million can be requested in the proposal in total to cover:

  1. eligible 'start-up' costs for Principal Investigators moving to the EU or an Associated Country from elsewhere as a consequence of receiving an ERC grant and/or
  2. the purchase of major equipment and/or
  3. access to large facilities.

An ERC grant can cover up to 100% of the total eligible direct costs of the research plus a contribution of 25% of the total eligible costs towards indirect costs.

Deadline: 5 November 2019, 17:00 Brussels time (10:00 Colombian time)

(Euraxess América Latina y el Caribe)

[Boletín SIUN 447, 25/26 de julio de 2019]

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