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Schneider Go Green 2021 (South America): A Global Student Competition

Deadline: 26 March 2021

At Schneider Electric they believe that energy is a basic human right and they are dedicated to furthering mankind through new technologies. As a major player in Energy Management and Industrial Automation, SE sees an urgent need for bold ideas that can re-shape a smarter and more sustainable future for both: their industry and their company. 

Schneider Go Green, together with AVEVA, is looking for game changers around the world who are daring to disrupt and to put their skills to the test and push the boundaries of digital transformation in Energy Management. Submit your bold idea related to one of the five segments within energy management!

Schneider Go Green 2021 is open to two-member teams from anywhere in the world (the South America challenge is open to teams from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Perú, Suriname, Uruguay, and Venezuela).

To take part, you must be a Bachelor’s student (at least on 2nd year) or working on Master’s degree; studying Business, Computer Sciences, Engineering, Math, Marketing and Innovation-related areas; team members must be studying in the same Region (in this case, South America) for the duration of the competition (being in the same country is highly preferred); at least one team member must be a woman; and be proficient in English as the final pitch will must be presented in English.


  • Access to Energy
  • Homes of the Future
  • Plants of the Future
  • Grids of the Future
  • De[coding] the Future


  • All participants will be considered for an HR interview and receive content about Schneider Electric’s benefits, job opportunities and early career events
  • One all-female team will advance into the Global Finals and compete for the top prize!
  • All regional participants will receive mentorship from Schneider Electric experts to polish their proposals and make it to the Grand Finale. All regional finalists will also gain special access to e-learning resources by Coorpacademy to better prepare teams for the regional finals.
  • Global finalists will pitch their ideas in the Global Finals and win the worldwide challenge
  • Global winners will be awarded a trip to one of the following cities: Boston (USA), London (UK), New Delhi (India), Paris (France), or Shanghai (China) - visit SE’s offices, network with employees and interact with high level management. The winning team will also be gifted a 1 year subscription to the Coorpacademy platform


Register on the platform, choose a competition category and submit a 10 slide proposal deck in English (PPT or PDF format), addressing the following: problem statement; key points of differentiation; operational availability; and team profile.

The deadline for the submission will be on 26 March 2021 at 11:59pm (UTC -3 // 21:59 Colombian time)

(Vía DRE en Twitter)

[Boletín SIUN 526, 11/12 de marzo de 2021]

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