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Two PhDs and one postdoc available in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Czech Republic (CTU Prague)

Deadlines depend on the position.

Ph.D. in Intelligent Decision Making

Do you wish to pursue a Ph.D. degree in Intelligent Decision Making? Start your fully-funded research career under the wings of excellent computer scientists including Associate Professor Lukáš Chrpa and Professor Stefan Edelkamp, former Head of AI Planning group at the renowned King’s College London.

Deadline: 7 March 2021

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Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence

Imagine a job in which you are always learning something new, you sit next to the smartest people in your field, you have time and peace to read and you also get paid to solve research puzzles so you don't have to look for any side jobs. This is exactly what the Ph.D. study program at tour center looks like. Join for a test run first to see whether the research work fits you. In return, you will get help with your PhD application.

No deadline defined. Call open until position is filled.

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Postdoc in Game Theory

Are you a PhD holder looking for research opportunities at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Game Theory? Join the leading scientists in the AI Center (Czech Technical University in Prague) as a postdoctoral researcher. It's a fully funded position including an initial contract for 1 year with possible extension and further opportunities to pursue your academic path.

No deadline defined. Call open until position is filled.

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